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Sonic Pathfinder

CitizenUrge is a fictional alter-ego I use to compose music I would not had composed otherwise. CitisenUrge often connects the immiscible (sonically speaking). The immiscible phonomena is a molecular structural problem often found in liquids. For instance, oil and water are two immiscible liquids.

My first CitisenUrge output is a composition entitled Nancrillex, as part of a project collaboration with Viktor Zeidner (Dj slimvic)

Nancrillex (2013) - 13:30 for fixed media by CitizenUrge

"I was once watching a documentary film about composer Conlon Nancarrow called 'Music for thousand fingers' by film directors Hanne Kaisik and Uli Aumüller. From the film I was hearing complex rhythms from piano rolls coming from a frantic pianola at Nancarrow's house. At the same time, my neighbour's radio was screaming Skrillex's hit 'Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites' . In one of the Dubstep drop sections, I started to hear a strange mix of rhythmic patterns combining the piano riffs with the bass drop textures, which might had suited DJ John Peel's best broadcast shows…"  CitizenUrge

To write Nancrillex I composed and transformed samples of Dubstep suddenbuilt drop-textures and triggered /sequenced them using sweeping riffs from Nancarrow's piano rolls (midi score versions) to create early compositional materials. I  restricted the outcomes to the 8-10 most distinctive postdrop-gestures, as the base material for the composition. From that point, I created a few hundred variations of the cells, some of which were refined and organized in the work without much structural thinking beyond my ear's intuition. As part of a collaboration, I proposed Swedish DJ "Slim Vic", founder of the club and record label Lamour, to create a Dance Music Remix of Nancrillex, which will be published on white vinyl as A-Side (available soon), while the electroacoustic version will feature as B-Side. Behind DJ "Slim Vic" hides audio-visual artist and concept creator Viktor Zeidner.:


Pictured above CitizenUrge
live performing