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Drosophila (Dance) -the story of a blind fly-

Drosophila is a collaborative project with KLEM (Bilbao)for solo dancer, live computer and prepared saxophones.
This composition is inspired by a fictional process of mutation in the Drosophila fly (based on Drosophila Melanoganster, the wine fly). Drosophila (the dancer) becomes blind after her genetics are exposed to barbaric laboratory experiments at University of Chicago, where my brother Dr Jose M Climent used to research on chromosome translocations in the mid 90s. He worked under the guidance of cancer genetics pioneer Prof. Janet D. Rowley who used a fluorescence microscope to photograph the chromosomes.

The story: As a result of gene translocation 11 to 14, Dropsophila becomes the first fly of its kind to be born blind. However, no one had anticipated she had also inherited hyper-acute hearing as a side effect and Drosophila's sensory super-powers turned against her. The piece deconstructs the story with a sonic representation of her short cycle of life and dead and the drama of a person becoming fully blind.

World premiered was in 2005 at Vitoria, Bilbao and programmed at Universidad Pais Vasco, Spain; Kunitachi College, Tokyo; in 2006, 14th World Sax Congress, Slovenia; Badajoz, Spain; in 2007, Mantis Festival, UK; Sonoimagenes, Buenos Aires; Visiones- Sonoras, Mexico among others.
Drosophila evolved during the four year of its performance cycle, to become a show of one full hour which became extint as the fly in this story.
Drosophila's crew were: Prepared saxophones: Iñigo Ibaibarriaga, dancers: Idoia Zabaleta, Leticia Morales and composer and electronic interpreter: Ricardo Climent


Image by J. Chris Pires
Chromosome fluorescent image
by J. Chris Pires