Rob Hordijk


"Rob Hordijk (The Hague, The Netherlands). One of the most most creative designers in modular synthesis today, Rob specializes in hand-build analog electronic instruments including his Hordijk modular system and standalone boxes somewhere between musical instruments and objets d’art. An example of an instrument designed by Rob is the Blippoo Box, an audio sound generator that operates according to the principles of chaos theory. Rob has been teaching, lecturing and conducting workshops since 1983 at a number of institutes in The Netherlands, and occasionally in other places on this planet"

TOM BUGS of Bugsbrand


Tom Bugs is a synthesizer designer/musician/sound artist who under the name Bugbrand has manufactured many highly original analogue electronic devices in the past 20 years included the circuit-bent-by-design audioweevil series and his rare and revered Bugbrand modular systems. For this festival he will present a new workshop design and attendees will have the chance to attend one of two workshops where they will be able to learn how to build one of his analogue designs – the Bugcrusher - from scratch.
Sines and Squares Tom Bugs Workshop- BOOK VIA PAYPAL HERE

Workshop Details:


John Chantler

John Chantler (ROOM40) Works primarily with modular synthesizer systems. His own take on generative minimalism and surface stasis can be heard on his 'Automatic Music' series as well as his latest release 'Even Clean Hands Damage The Work': “A highly synthetic, highly textural, yet deeply melodic work of experimental electronics that seemingly crosses the divide between nature and electricity.”

(Buchla 200 Modular System)

Dan P

"Dan_P is coming down from the hills for a rare performance of his "Disposable Sound" project. He will be playing an improvised piece using a Buchla 200 Modular Synthesizer. Comprised of a Buchla 208 together with other 200 series clones and third party Buchla style modules. The Buchla is fed into the Gotharman Little Deformer adding digital glitch and bit crushing giving contrast to the warm analogue tones of the Buchla 200. Dan_p has been a percussionist all of his life so it is no surprise that the piece will contain rhythmic and percussive sections. Sound is explored and riffs that emerge are played with and playfully developed. Counter timed twisted pastiche acid lines will emerge briefly before being ripped into experimental soundscapes."

Melanie O’Dubhshlaine


Melanie O’Dubhshlaine is an artist and musician based in Leeds. She has performed and composed music based in the noise, improvised, experimental and psychedelic rock genres. As a member of Ashtray Navigations she has appeared at All Tomorrow’s Parties (Nightmare Before Christmas, curated by Thurston Moore), Music Lover’s Field Companion in Gateshead, Incubate in Tilburg, Netherlands, Swn Festival in Cardiff and Sotto Voce at Cafe Oto, London, also touring the UK, Europe and USA. An overriding theme of her work is using unusual instrumentation to extend human expressive capabilities and give voice to previously unheard sounds. She has collaborated with other artists including Neil Campbell, Ashtray Navigations, Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides, Bridget Hayden, Uton, John Moloney (Sunburned Hand of the Man) and MV & EE.

Lu Katavist

lu Kata

Cologne based Lu Katavist (Smalldeath) focuses on improvised live-electronics, controlling a modular system with the Haken Continuum Fingerboard. His work which can be heard on his ‘Retoxis’ LP, ranges from tonal drones to twitchy noise bursts, with sounds drifting between ethereal pads, piercing distortion, chirping delay and rumbling bass, but overall it makes for a calm, if not meditative listening experience.

Dirch Blewn

lu Kata

dirch blewn (Game of Life Label) resides in the playful, the exploration. with no formal musical training due to an over enthusiastic elder sister on clarinet he has adopted a focused, experimental approach using bent electronics, homemade devices, ciat lonbarde instruments, 1/4' tape manipulations, effects pedals and mastering onto compact cassette. He performs with a variety of mysterious electronic instruments including Plumbutter, Roolz Gewei, Cocoquantus, Tetrax, Sidrassi & Shynth made by from Ciat-Lonbarde.