On display throughout the Sines-Squares festival at the Islington Mill (24-26 October), Tintin Patrone, Nils Knott and Daniel van Eendenburg present "Fluktuation 8", an installation about architecture and experimental music that explores the creative evolution of basic living elements.
Music, stage and associated rituals are examined in less obvious ways and sometimes may even seem absurdly self-evident and banal. By using themes such as cultural traditions, pre-modern sound devices and general hedonism, Fluktuation 8 is an installation, upon which thoughts that have apparently just been developed are manifested: heute denken - morgen fertig notes are made and then crossed out again, mistakes are intended to be repeated.

On display from the 23rd - 26th October in the Islington Mill Gallery space Fluktuation 8 culminates in a performance by the Krackisten Orchestra on sunday at 7:30 during an open-day of workshops, presentations and performances.

Tintin Patrone

She describes herself as a performance artist, instrument maker and—using a label she has
adopted from the experimental musician and performance artist Frieder Butzmann (b. 1954) —‘noisemakista’. Her performances and installations include elements from Fluxus, Punk and Futurism. Another important inspiration that informs her artistic practice is the culture of associations and clubs.



Nils Knott & Daniel van Eendenburg


While his solo stuff is all about creatures and building storytelling installations for them Nils Kott never misses a chance to collaborate with colleagues from other disciplines.

With Daniel van Eendenburg he founded a fourweek lasting festival called Gewuchs that took place in Hamburg/ germany for the second time this year.
Music met growing constructions there and was ment to develop.
Over thirty people co-operated.


Krachkisten Orchestra

The Krachkisten Orchestra produces improvised electric sounds with selfmade analog instruments. In addition to gigs at Hamburg’s Golem and Golden Pudel clubs, the orchestra, which was founded
in 2009, has toured Germany and Europe. In the past few years, various artists’ initiatives such as the French performance art network dimanche rouge and the Belgian project for performative art sign 6 invited the Krachkisten Orchester to Paris, Brussels, and Helsinki; machine raum, a Danish platform for video art and digital culture, brought the ensemble to the Vejle Kunstmuseum. 2014 they took part at the 4th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art.
Inspired by the intonarumori (noise-intoners) the Italian Futurist Luigi Russolo (b. 1883) invented, the Krachkisten or noise boxes used in the orchestra’s concerts are homemade analogue instruments enhanced with electronic components taken from dismantled children’s toys. The presentation in an exhibition space highlights the modernist-looking design of the boxes, lending them a sculptural appeal that complements their functionality. This sort of interplay between music, art, sound, and experimental gestures is what Tintin Patrone, founder of the orchestra, is interested in.