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Concerts at the Martin Harris Centre (per concert): £8.50 / concesions £5.50 / £3 (all unreserved seating)
    Book tickets here: http://goo.gl/b2Gl0q
    "Patchbay Sessions" : Free entrance (limited seating)

Concerts at the Islington Mill Studios (sold separately):
   - Friday Opening Concert Advanced £8 tickets - concesions £5 now available via PAYPAL
       Contact headhungrybellyfull@yahoo.co.uk

   - Free entrance: Installation Fluktuation 8 and the Krackisten Orchestra performance
   - Free entrance: Sunday Modular Lounge Presenatations
   - Free entrance: Talks and Masterclass by Rob Hordrijk
   - Free entrance: Closure Concert

Tom Bugs of Bugbrand workshop Price: £55 (All components and tools are provided)

The workshop is suitable for any level of experience from beginners onwards, and any age from 14 (younger if accompanied).

Workshop Details: http://bit.ly/1tW4VBm



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NOVARS is a Research Centre started in March 2007 with specialisms in areas of Electroacoustic Composition, Performance and Sound-Art and including research strands with a focus on game-audio, space in large multichannel speakers, locativeaudio and Interactive Art.

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Open-Circuit is a new Manchester based project exploring the field of circuit bending and musical electronics. Open-Circuit brings together an ever growing community of makers, hackers, artists & engineers who have a DIY mindset towards technology, creating an open network and body of knowledge through education and public events, such as workshops and concerts.


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Basic Electricity is a grass-roots musicians' initiative based in Berlin, Germany. In a tiny cinema in Mitte we not only introduced the people of Germany to IPA beer but curated possibly the first regular club night in the world dedicated purely to live performance and improvisation with analogue modular synthesizers. Since 2011 we have hosted analogue and modular artists such as Max Loderbauer, Thomas Ankersmit, Ian Boddy, Derek Holzer, Navs, Eric Dower, Lu Katavist, Mono-Poly, Alexander Rishaug, Richard Scott, Derek Shirley and Burkhard Beins and many others.