Our community: Postgraduate Students and Staff at the NOVARS Research Centre are one of the most proactive and self-organised communities of Researchers in the UK. Our community and research environment attract the interest of composers working with new media and surround systems, sound and visual artists with a focus on interactivity or soundmapping, software desginers, game-engine oriented composers and performers with a taste for technology and sound experimentation. Postgraduate succesfully co-run compositional and performing Research tools such as Kairos Improvisation Ensemble, Bling This Story, FM- licensed radio show at Fusefm Radio and actively contribute to the organisation and difussion of the Mantis Festival which happens twice a year. They actively present concerts and papers all around the world and as a group they look beyond the silos of their research areas and commitments for the benefit of the artistic comunity. While studying, PhD students also acquire teaching experience in areas of composition, acoustics and technology at the BMus degree in Music at Univerity of Manchester, one of the most prestigious in the country. Subjects include Sonic Invention, Sound Design, Live interactive Music, Acousmatic composition and aesthetics, acoustics for musicians or composition portfolio supervision. Alongside the Electroacoustic comunity and in close collaboration with it, Music at the School of Arts Histories and Cultures embodies a large comunity of Instrumental only composers, Musicologists and World Music researchers.
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