• NOVARS is a new Research Centre started in March 2007 at University of Manchester, UK.
  • NOVARS Reserch Areas include acousmatic composition and spatial sound; machine musicianship (with a specialism in acoustic instruments with live interactive media); cross-disciplinary research involving game-graphics-physics-audio engines and metadata and LocativeAudio (geolocative technologies for sound and urban environments)
  • The Centre is capitalising the success of Music at the University of Manchester with a new 2.2 million pound investment in a cutting-edge new studio infrastructure.
  • NOVARS is named to reference and celebrate the seminal work by Francis Dhomont (Novars). In his own words 'a reversed version of Ars Nova' - New Art, New Science.
  • Facilities: NOVARS presents a 54 channel diffusion matrix system and a 350-seat concert hall, for sound spatialisation. Four composition-oriented studios are equiped with surround systems from 5.1 up to 32 channels (including Genelec, ATC and PMC speakers).
  • NOVARS is the taking Performance into new creative challenges. The festival MANTIS Festival, Sines & Squares Festival and LocativeAudio are constantly being reinvigorated as a research experimental space for postgraduate students, a desirable international platform for the performance, diffusion and innovation in electroacoustic music and a point of encounter and support for hosting conferences and music events in the computer music field. NOVARS OFFICIAL WEBSITE
  • Music at Manchester University has stablished itself as a very desirable space for high-profile researchers. At the last RAE assessment exercise, Music was ranked 5*. NOVARS Research Centre is providing additional research excellence to existing successful areas such as Composition and Musicology by supporting research in the areas of electroacoustic music.
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