MusM Composition
    (Strand In Electroacoustic and Interactive Media)
    Consists of four modules as well as completing a portfolio of compositions.
    * Semester ONE:
    - Fixed-media and Live Composition (studio-based composition)
    - Aesthetics and Analysis of Organised Sound (study of selected works, composers and issues in the electroacoustic repertoire)
    - Portfolio of Compositions planning
    * Semester TWO:
    - Composition Project ('commissioned-like' project involving music and informed by other discipline involving a special event)
    Additional Choices (one):
    - Interactive Tools and Engines (live, interactive and real-time processing composition).
    - Contemporary Music Studies (study of a number of selected 20th/21st-century scores k)
    - Historical or Contemporary Performance (enables students to combine practical and intellectual investigation)
    - Portfolio of Compositions (entails the creation of a portfolio of creative musical compositions involving the use of new audio (and media) technologies and computer music processes, both in the methodology and in the final outcomes.)

    * All year long including SUMMER period


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