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March 2013

Miquel Bernat Timbila
MIGUEL BERNAT - percussion Born in Valencia (Spain) in 1966, Miguel Bernat received his musical education at the conservatories of Valencia, Madrid, Brussels and Rotterdam, and participated in the Aspen Summer Music Course. He was granted the "Premio Extraordinario Fin de Carrera" at the Conservatory of Madrid, the GAUDEAMUS Special Percussion Prize" in 1993 and the 2nd prize at the Aspen Nakamichi Competition (USA). Being an eclectic musician, he has played with the Orquesta Ciutat de Barcelona and with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam, as well as in the contemporary music ensembles "Ictus", "Ictus Piano and Percussion Quartet", Trio Allures", "Duo Contemporain", etc... As soloist in numerous recitals, he premièred the "Concerto pour Marimba et 15 instruments" by David del Puerto at the Ars Musica festival in Brussels and in Valencia ENSEMS Festival, and the Premier of “Campos Magnéticos” of Cesar Camarero in Porto and Madrid. Formerly a professor at the Rotterdam and Brussels Conservatories, he is now intensively engaged in pedagogical activities at the “Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya” at Barcelona. "Escola Profesionalde Mùsica de Espinho (Portugal) and the "Escola Superior de Mùsica do Porto". There, he founded DRUMMING Grupo de Percussão, who was selected as a Resident Music Group of Porto 2001 Cultural Capital of Europe and gave concerts in Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Brasil. He is regularly invited to the most reputed international contemporary music festivals (France, England, Brasil, Venezuela, Australia, USA, Finland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Thailand etc...) to perform, among others, as a solo percussionist and to give Master Classes. In 1998 he performed as a soloist in scenic music (Xénakis) during the production "Just Before" by the Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa de KEERSMAEKER.and with the Ballet Gulbenkian of Lisboa the coreography “Psappha” of italian Mauro Bigonzetti. A passionate performer of new music, Miguel BERNAT has worked with numerous composers (many works being dedicated to him), thus contributing to the expansion and constant evolution of the contemporary repertoire for percussion.

MANTIS festival 2013



MATCHUME ZANGO (Cândido Salomão Zango)


Matzume Zango Timbila.org
Pictured above Matchume Zango

Cândido Salomão Zango, also known as “Matchume”, has dedicated himself to Mozambican traditional music and dance since the age of six. His parents and grandparents are originally from Zavala, Inhambane Province (Mozambique), which is the center of Timbila, a marimba-style instrument which is revered as part of Mozambique’s national patrimony. Inspired by this long and passionate tradition of music and percussion, Matchume began to play, study music and produce traditional instruments such as timbila, mbira, xitende and djembe drums.

Current activities: Composer and performer of traditional, experimental and fusion music (mixes electronic and traditional), for different art expressions (theatre, cinema, dance,…).


2012: Reunion Island - Timbila Maloya / Pan-African tour (Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Cameroon, Mali, Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, Burkina Faso, Chad, Gabon, Mozambique) - duo Thomas Guérineau and Matchume Zango / Brussels - Are you happy now? / Brussels - Timbila stories / Guelph, Toronto - Contemporary Afro-European Soundscapes
2011: Southern Africa - Watsamba M’Diou / Maputo and Reunion Island - Timbila Maloya / Lärz, music festival, Portugal - Drums and Timbilas (“Tambores e Timbilas”)
2010: Reunion Island - Muzimba Reunion Project (second edition) / Brussels - Timbila Tracks Project / Berlin - Watsamba Mdiwo Project / Vienna - Mo'SomeBigNoise Project (second edition)
2009: Maputo - Orquestras Amadoras project
2008: Maputo - Sou Tambor
2007: Maputo - Quadrinha de Maputo project
2006: Portugal - Vamos Marimbar project / Rostock (Germany) - Mo'SomeBigNoise project
2004: Austria - Timbila Muzimba Orchestra
1997: Maputo - foundation of the group “Timbila Muzimba”
1989: Maputo (Mozambique) – Foundation of the group “Novos Raios”

Matchume Zango

Timbila Muzimba

Timbila Maloya

© Cândido Salomão Zango - Matchume Zango

Matzume Zango timbila.org
photo © PNTGM - © Cândido Salomão Zango
Matzume Zango timbila.org
photo © PNTGM - © Cândido Salomão Zango
Matzume Zango timbila.org
photo © PNTGM - © Cândido Salomão Zango