Sines & Squares Festival of Analogue Electronics and Modular Synthesis Sam&EMS



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Sines & Squares 2016 Sponsors and Supporters

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Lamond Design (Bespoke Modular Cases), Moog UK, Thonk (modular synthesiser DIY kits). Kai Niggenmann (Composer, Sound artist), Cusp Editions (Manchester based Label), Expert Sleepers, (synth hardware and plugins) Bugbrand (Tom Bugs), Todd Barton (Consulting Artist for Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments), Clarke Robinson (graphic design for sines & squares).
Islington Mill, Metanast, Sound Anatomy, The University of Manchester, School of Arts, Histories and Cultures - Division Fund, Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama, MANTIS System and NOVARS Research Centre, Brighton Sythn Meet

Raffle Draw 2016! (analogue kits, music and more)

Including modular/analogue prizes by Moog (a Werkstatt), Thonk, Analogue Solutions, Expert Sleepers, Bugrand, Befaco, Todd Barton, CUSP Editions, Lamond Design and many more.



A-100 minisystem. It will contain a minimal synthesizer system (black miniature case + A-110-2 VCO + A-121-2 VCF + A-130 VCA + A-171-2 LFO/Envelope Generator + cables).


Moog Werkstatt01 Analogue Synthesizer Kit,

analogue systems sines & Squares Analogue Systems/EMS minisystem -
lamond sines squares Lamond Design DIY eurorack suitcase kit -
expert Expert Sleepers Disting 3
Analogue Sol Analogue Solutions EKG Sequencer
sonic AJH Synths Sonic XV Diode Ladder Filter
amegatronmega miniAtmegatron kit by Soulsby Synths
vauxflowersvaux Vauxflowers (Travis Johns): 6-step synth/sequencer w. 2 CV outs and a duophonic opto-synth with a CV output.

• Erica Synths PICO VCA, donated by

• pack of 5 Eurorack cables, donated b

  Piezo mic with minijack connectors for Eurorack -
PLUS T-shirts, LPs, Cds from Befaco, Expert Sleepers, ALM Busy Circuits, Tom Bugs (Bugbrand), Ian Boddy/DiN records, Richard Scott, Cusp Editions, Lu Katavist and more….

£5 for one ticket, £10 for 3


Tickets are available only through buying them at an event over the weekend. If you are not attending you can ask someone attending to get your some tickets. Draw to be held at 16:00pm Sunday 20th November 2016 at the Modular Lounge event at Islington Mill


Sponsors and Supporters of the 2014 Edition

THONK , Islington Mill Studios , University of Manchester , Analogue Solutions , Expert Sleepers , Bugbrand , Basic Electricity , Open Circuit , Frequency Central , KOMA Elektronik , Moog Music , Source Distribution , Analogue Systems , Korg littleBits , and featuring the MANTIS Surround Sound System


NOVARS RESEARCH CENTRE, The University of Manchester

NOVARS is a Research Centre at University of Manchester, Englad. started in March 2007 with specialisms in areas of Electroacoustic Composition, Performance and Sound-Art and including research strands with a focus on game-audio, space in large multichannel speakers, locativeaudio and Interactive Art. More here
Contact: ricardo.climent[-AT-]


Open-Circuit is a new Manchester based project exploring the field of circuit bending and musical electronics. Open-Circuit brings together an ever growing community of makers, hackers, artists & engineers who have a DIY mindset towards technology, creating an open network and body of knowledge through education and public events, such as workshops and concerts.


Sound Anatomy is a new digital record label dedicated to electroacoustic, improvised and electronic music. The label is curated by a team led by composer and modular synthesizer player Richard Scott. We aim to get the new music we love out there, professionally mastered and presented to the highest quality possible.



Manoli Moriaty, METANAST - (TEXTURE concert)

Metanast is an artists’ collective specialising in electroacoustic composition, live electronics performance, and creative coding run started by composer Manoli Moriaty. The collective supports links between academic and the wider sonic arts culture through concerts which are friendly and inclusive for all artists who wish to showcase their work irrespective of their background.

Andrew Duff, Brighton Modular meets, University of Sussex - (Modular Fair At the Islington Mill)

Andrew Duff is a multidisciplinary artist and organiser of the Brighton Modular meets at the University of Sussex (2012-current). Since the late 1980s, along side studying Fine Art and Graphic Design, Andrew has collected a large selection of electronic music, and experimented with a range of, generally, Japanese analogue synthesizers. During this time Andrew also worked as a DJ, musician and live performer at electronic music club nights and various community events. He is also a Teaching Fellow at the University of Sussex in UK, where he has contributed to academic research.