Sines & Squares Festival of Analogue Electronics and Modular Synthesis Sam&EMS


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FRIDAY 18 November 2016

11:00 h - 15:00 h. MODULAR SYNTH WORKSHOP - Studio Cluster, NOVARS Research Centre

rebel technology workshop
Workshop presented by Martin Klang, developer of the OWL Pedal and the Rebel Technology Modular system.
Max capacity 28 people. Book a place on Eventbrite (via Rebel Technology )
Cost £30 and student concession £10
Facebook event:

FRIDAY 18 November 2016


FREE, (donations accepted at the door)

Meditating on analogue circuitry by Chris David (a.k.a. OSC1899) and Willemijn Ketting, Rotterdam, The Netherlands- - Serge Modular/Blippoo Box
Live Performance by Phil Durrant (Southampton Solent University) - UK - Sowari Modular
Live Performance by Richard Scott, NOVARS, The University of Manchester / Sound Anatomy, Berlin
Live Performance by Sam Weaver (Cusp Editions) UK - Hordijk Modular"


SATURDAY 19 November 2016

11.00 h - 17.30 h: PATCHBAY SESSIONS (WITH MUSICAL INTERLUDES) - G16 (Martin Harris Centre) - Ground Floor
FREE, (max capacity of the room is 60)


11.00 h - 12.45 h - PATCHBAY SESSION 1

PAPER PRESENTATIONS (right click on PDF icons to download)
pdf sines squares Dave O Mahony - Real-time Manipulation of Synthesis Parameters Using a Brainwave Interface and a Eurorack Modular Synthesizer.
pdf sines squaresEnrico Bertelli- STEAMtoTEAMS / Transforming the STEAM* agenda into a crossdisciplinary TEAMS* effort.
*Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics.

pdf sines squaresMark Burton - Analogue electronics and the quantum domain - Aether Machine

Jonathan Higgins - “Torpor”

12.45 h - 14.30 - PATCHBAY SESSION 2
PAPER PRESENTATIONS (right click on PDF icons to download)
pdf sines squares Willi SAUTER
- Logistic Equation, 1.order choatic system implemented in a modular synthesizer system
pdf sines squares Radek Rudnicki, Jude Brereton, Andrew Chadwick - SONICULES
pdf sines squares Michael Spicer - Arduino based random generators for Eurorack systems
pdf sines squares Sean Peuquet
- Cloud-Based Analog Effects Processing as an Alternative to Analog Modeled Plugins

Pierre Alexandre Tremblay - Asinglewordisnotenough1 for fixed pentaphonic media

14.30 h - 16.15 h - PATCHBAY SESSION 3
PAPER PRESENTATIONS (right click on PDF icons to download)
pdf sines squares Joker Nies -
Creating a live-performance interface for the Buchla Music Easel
pdf sines squares Travis Johns -
Around theme: Experiences as a builder on the frontier, finding inspiration through scarcity
pdf sines squares Seth Zahn-
Expanding “The Experience” with Code, Institute of Sonology, The Hague, Netherlands
pdf sines squares Tom Boram -
The RGBe Goldberg Machine: Synesthetic Synthesis for A/V and V/A stressing A/D and D/A: The backwards Color Organ and Gesture, high Zero Festival (high Zero Foundation Baltimore, USA)

John Wiggins - Iterations

16.15 h - 17.15 h - PATCHBAY SESSION 4
Andres Lewin-Richter - From Barcelona to Columbia Princeton Electronic Music Center to Phonos (Barcelona)
Rob Hordijk - A methodical approach to designing electronic music instruments

11:00 h - 17.30 h: AUDIO-VISUAL CAROUSEL- Room F20 (Martin Harris Centre)
FREE, (open event)

Matrix Studies (for Benjolin and Max) by Patrick Gunawan Hartono , Indonesia
Home Woods by Alex GowanWebster, University of Sheffield, UK
Concretamente by Alejandro Albornoz (Chile), University of Sheffield, UK
Magda’s home by Rodrigo De León Garza and Veronica Milano, Mexico
Xaev1uox by Luis Valdivia, Folkwang Universityof Arts
In my Own Words
by Sten-Olof Hellström, Sweden
Journey for modular synthesizer (title tbc) by Alberto Novello (a/v) /Erin McKinney , Conservatorio di Padova
Shapeshifter by Alexis Langevin-Tétrault , Université de Montréal
Ewok Poltergeist Revelations #17 by Volker Hennes, Cologne, Germany
Reliable Peopl1 by Aleksandre Kordzaia, Bassel, Switzerland
Anodos Krell by Chelsea Bruno (aka Eden Grey) and Céline Villaneau, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK
cubic by Maxime Corbeil-Perron, Université de Montréal, Canada
The birds Hector Vera Ulises, Mexico
Synthetic Delusions by Nayelli Maldonado Montufar ( Maya Montufar), México City, México

(Ongoing from 11 am till 5.30 pm) SYNTH-BASED INSTALLATIONS - Foyer and First Floor Drama side @ The Martin Harris Centre
FREE, (open event)

"p(n,r) = n!/(n-r)! " by Philippe-Aubert Gauthier & Tanya St-Pierre
The shape of electricity vs. the sound of electricity by Pierpaolo Cimino
Shelf Life sequence by David Ross & Andy Cox
Putney Ponozky by Manusamo&Bzika
(synth setup by Climent /Pilkington)



18.00 - 19.00 COSMO CONCERT 1 - Cosmo Concert Hall, The Martin Harris Centre, The University of Manchester, UK

Cosmo Concerts are free for festival participants.
- For one concert: £8.50/£5.50/£3 (either at 18.00 or 19.00 h)
- For two concerts: £12.80/£8.80/£4.80 (both at 18.00 and 19.00 h)
Box office:

ENIAC girls (Manchester Version) by Udo Moll , Cologne, Germany
Permeance by Matt Omahan, NOVARS Research Centre, University of Manchester, UK
Bredvid A by Ann Rosén + Sten-Olof Hellström, Stockholm, Sweden
Infinities of Yonder/ness (come in, Sun Ra) by Daniel Warner, Hampshire College, Amherst MA U.S.A. and Marty Ehrlich (reeds)
Iteration/Banger by Danny Saul, NOVARS Research Centre, University of Manchester, UK

19.30-20.45 COSMO CONCERT 2 - Cosmo Concert Hall, The Martin Harris Centre, The University of Manchester, UK

Cosmo Concerts are free for festival participants.
- For one concert: £8.50/£5.50/£3 (either at 18.00 or 19.00 h)
- For two concerts: £12.80/£8.80/£4.80 (both at 18.00 and 19.00 h)

Box office:

Lens 7 by Mark Pilkington ,Thought Universe, UK
Microcosmos by Joseph Hyde, Bath Spa University, UK
RSF by Andres Lewin-Richter, Phonos Foundation, Barcelona, Spain
Volt_#1 by Monique Jean , University of Montreal, Canada
Apophenia by Adam Parkinson/Martin Klang/Leafcutter John/Steph Horak, London
Droles d'oiseaux by Francis Dhomont , France

SATURDAY 19 November 2016 (continues)
MODULAR CLUBNIGHT @ TEXTURE, Northern Quarter, Manchester

Starting at 22.00 h - CONCERT THREE- Venue: TEXTURE NQ @ 67 Lever Street, Manchester M1 1DN
FREE, (donations accepted at the door)

Music presentations, from the international call for works and much more!
Live Impro //Buchla Music Easel by Joker Nies, Cologne, Germany
Vectrex & Eurorack study #X ‘Performance v3’ by Andrew Duff, University of Sussex, UK
Object and Line to Space by Alexander Senko, Moscow, Russia
Fashion Fountain [BURNT DOT] by Ryan Gaston/ Sarah Belle Reid, California Institute of the Arts, USA
Decomposition by Merkaba Macabre, London, UK
Modular Consoles AV performance by Epigone - Gary Naylor (Scrubber Fox), Ross Scott-Buccleuch (Diurnal Burdens), Dustin Lyon (Cordial Pop) , UK



SUNDAY 20 November 2016

12:00-17:00 Sines & Squares MODULAR LOUNGE- Islington Mill Club
FREE, (donations accepted at the door)

Event co-organised by Andrew Duff - Brighton Modular meets, University of Sussex

Schneidersladen, Berlin: “The Origins and Development of Eurorack” by Holger Zapf

Informal demonstrations and discussions:
The Hordijk Modular by Rob Hordik
RGBe Goldberg Machine by Tom Borax
Ciat Lonbarde instruments and more by Seth Zahn
Modified Buchla Music Easel Interface
by Joker Nies
Brainwave Interface and Eurorack Modular Synthesizer
by Dave O MaHoney
Aether Machine presents a novel variable harmonic FM oscillator pair by Mark Burton
p(n,r) = n!/(n-r)!
by Philippe-Aubert Gauthier and Tanya St-Pierre

14.00 h- 17.00 h. CLOSING CONCERT - Islington Mill Club (Intercalating with the Modular Fair)
FREE, (donations accepted at the door)

Live performances
Suspended in the Pit by Lars Bröndum, University of Skövde, Sweden
RGBe Goldberg Machine by Tom Boram, Baltimore, USA
The International Sounds of the VauxFlores Sound System by Travis Johns, University of Baltimore, Baltimore, Md. USA
Live Performance by NOVARS Composers, The University of Manchester, UK

Raffle Draw 2016 ! (analogue kits, music and more)

Including modular/analogue prizes by Moog (a Werkstatt), Thonk, Analogue Solutions, Expert Sleepers, Bugrand, Befaco, Todd Barton, CUSP Editions, Lamond Design and many more.



A-100 minisystem. It will contain a minimal synthesizer system (black miniature case + A-110-2 VCO + A-121-2 VCF + A-130 VCA + A-171-2 LFO/Envelope Generator + cables).


Moog Werkstatt01 Analogue Synthesizer Kit,

analogue systems sines & Squares Analogue Systems/EMS minisystem -
lamond sines squares Lamond Design DIY eurorack suitcase kit -
expert Expert Sleepers Disting 3
Analogue Sol Analogue Solutions EKG Sequencer
sonic AJH Synths Sonic XV Diode Ladder Filter
amegatronmega miniAtmegatron kit by Soulsby Synths
vauxflowersvaux Vauxflowers (Travis Johns): 6-step synth/sequencer w. 2 CV outs and a duophonic opto-synth with a CV output.

• Erica Synths PICO VCA, donated by

• pack of 5 Eurorack cables, donated b

  Piezo mic with minijack connectors for Eurorack -
PLUS T-shirts, LPs, Cds from Befaco, Expert Sleepers, ALM Busy Circuits, Tom Bugs (Bugbrand), Ian Boddy/DiN records, Richard Scott, Cusp Editions, Lu Katavist and more….

£5 for one ticket, £10 for 3


Tickets are available only through buying them at an event over the weekend. If you are not attending you can ask someone attending to get your some tickets. Draw to be held at 16:00pm Sunday 20th November 2016 at the Modular Lounge event at Islington Mill