Marij Van Gorkom


Marij Van Gorkom studied with Dutch bass clarinet soloists Harry Sparnaay and Henri Bok. In a process of continuous reflection and reinvention, she intends to not only continue and expand on the pioneering work of her teachers, but also to search for new directions and sonic possibilities. Sonic Spaces is underlined by a research trajectory supervised by Simon Emmerson at De Montfort University, Leicester. Before this she studied clarinet with Eli Eban at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, where the technical foundations of her playing were developed. Other influential teachers are Jan Jansen, James Campbell, and José Luis Estellés. In 2010 she graduated cum laude in chemistry at Leiden University.

Marij Van Gorkom and her bass clarinet 3D-scanned at the School of Materials, The University of Manchester, UK (for s.laag)