Above photo by Wouterhagens. CC BY-SA 3.0

dutch uk network

dutch-UK is a new network started in 2015 between the Institute of Sonology at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague and the Music Composition department in Manchester (UK). It aims to address creative exchanges in the form of new musical compositions, workshops, research forums, publications and concert events between The Netherlands and The United Kingdom.
Starting project: Network 58/58 : As a point of departure, dutch-UK network proposed the “Philips model” as a route for exploring methodologies and dissemination of our practice as research. The Philips Pavillion Expo 58 (58 years ago in 2016!), brought together architect Le Corbusier and composers Xenakis and Varèse whose collaboration has inspired our network focus: "Composition as Space". In 2015-16 the network starts by creating new commissioned works in collaboration with virtuoso Dutch bass clarinet performer Marij van Gorkom (SONIC SPACES).
Other dutch-UK Connections. The Network aims to incorporate other Dutch and UK Institutions led by performers, musicians, enterprenuers, and technologists (to mention a few), to join forces and construct creative bridges between these two neighbour countries.

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The Institute of Sonology at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague in the Netherlands is a long-established research institute in Europe. It holds a rich history associated to Philips Physics Research Laboratory (1930) and the Origins of Electronic Music in the Netherlands (and Europe). Tazalaar's research on The Philips Pavilion for the Brussels Expo 1958 and Le Poème électronique by Le Corbusier, Xenakis and Varèse was a tremendous source of inspiration for commencing this network project and its focus on Composition and Space.


Sonic Spaces is a project brand developed by Dutch bass clarinetist Marij van Gorkom. Sounds are filling space, carving their own paths, at times colliding with others, at times harmonic, creating synergy but always fleeting. Marij presented the first program within her Sonic Spaces project in 2012. This project allows her to explore the depths, details, and nuances of her instrument and its relationship to electronics and digital media. Network 58/58 will expand the horizons of Sonic Spaces beyond the virtual (sonic) space into physical space.


The Composition department at The University of Manchester has a long-standing tradition of notorious UK composers such as, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies (Manchester student in the 50s) or Prof John Casken. It currently has six composition staff amalgamating extremely diverse styles navigating across postmodernism, contemporary music complexity, acousmatic music and interactive media ruled by scientific methods.