[5]: City as Game: Circuito Perifónico

[5] (Five) is a game-audio experience interactive work premiered as part of Locative Audio project in Valencia in the Gallery Valle Ortiz. It starts with a virtual soundwalk inspired by real events which took place in Valencia after the Spanish Civil war, where the new totalitarian regime used the city’s tram loop (nr. 5) to build a network of speakers for citizen’s control and the dissemination of fascist propaganda1. The journey continues by visiting other major transit systems in the world with iconic sound features. Sonicpathfinder techniques invert the traditional dominance of image over sound, allowing the composer to trigger mechanisms to awake audiences’ aural stimuli, as the ground for sound-based navigation. This technique informs and leads research towards the construction of novel grammar for composition involving dynamic media, augmented aurality and geo-locative data.
"Locativeaudio: Chronologies" (Valencia Network) gathered experts in a locativemedia symposium at the Polytechnic University of Valencia and included multi-city synchronised tours in Valencia, Hanoi, Malaga, Virginia, Avignon, Linz, Grenoble, Volos and Tempere. It explored concepts such as site-specific collaborative composition, e.g. ca. 40 composers recreated 1939-45 Val del Omar's post Spanish civil war "Circuito Perifónico of Valencia", including Climent’s work "[5]" for game-audio.