Ho- a Sonic Expedition to Viet nam

"Ho" - a Sonic Expedition to Viet nam.
Creating Ho has been a full-of-fun journey and a very stimulating project. Ho is an imaginary sonic expedition to Vietnam, plenty of adventures and drama. Although it is immersed in a three-dimensional visual environment, it has a focus on sound. In Ho, the performer, sound artist or casual visitor, becomes ‘the captain of a ship,’ who controls a sound-wheel interface inspired by maritime navigation. While 'navigating', he/she leads listeners to an aural journey with critical stops at specific locations. Such scenes are my personal imaginary reconstruction of a number of sketchy stories with unique sound interest and located in Vietnam. Audiovisual scenarios vary from a rickshaw trip finding your way out of a sonic-maze, to experiencing a zebra crossing in a jungle of cars and mopeds, or even having an argument in a restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, because you dislike eating live giant squids... This Research Diary provides a contextualisation for the concept of navigation through sound and identifies new research and creative questions arising, which may be solved with creative practice.