Putney: for VCS3

"Putney" for VCS3 is the result of interactive installation exploring extensions of our perception of reality. It employs a virtual 1969 VCS3 synthesizer to transcend the boundaries between virtual and augmented realities throughout sound. In the proposed ludic experience, visitors co-interact in a game-like immersive environment, to construct the vocabulary of a shared sonic-centric experience, which triangulates between the real, the virtual and the enhanced. Potentiometers, VU meters, patch-pins and electronic components spring from the AR markers in the walls and wearable t-shirts, so that users can collect pick them up and transport to the virtual VCS3 in the middle of the room (alongside a real one!). As the synthesizer parts are being assembled by visitors, the purposely-composed mosaic of vcs3 original recordings is also gradually organised. As a result, sound and music composition provide the integration for both experiences as extensions of reality.

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