"Xi" for African Timbila

"Xi" for Timbila: is a result of a collaborative project merging European and African cultures throughout the Timbila Instrument of the Chopi people, which is investigated as a source for music composition and performance. A number of members of Drumming-GP Percussion group (Portugal) led by Miquel Bernat, undertook several field-work trips to Mozambique, in liaison with timbila player Matchume Zango. Drumming-GP learnt to play the timbila and one by one, acquired a set of instruments to complete a full timbila orchestra. Miquel Bernat / Drumming-GP started to commission European Composers to write for timbila, including works for Timbila and Electronics. This included commissions to composers such as Jean-Luc Fafchamps's "Wooden Mind" for 7 timbilas of Mozambique completed in 2011; Ricardo Climent's "Xi" for solo timbila and Electronics, completed in 2012 , George van Dam's violin concerto with orchestra of Timbilas and Polo Vallejo's work for timbila 'Palindrumming'. In 2013 intermedia group Manusamo & Bzika joined the timbila project team and constructed 3D models of the timbila family after a visit to Porto.