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Ricardo Climent

Interactive Environments

Live Interactive Music with game-audio for immersive experiences



For many years now, I've been pointing my interests and focus toward the understanding of hard questions that matter. These are the ones that can only be approached when thinking differently and when combining a diversity of minds. Advancing on knowledge to solve difficult stuff requires novel ways of expression, language innovation, passion for simplification, trust on your teammates and deep individual thought.

Need a few concrete examples... right?:
* When I compose new interactive media projects exposing REAL musical instruments against their VIRTUAL 3D representations, I am seeking new forms of creative expression across those intersections. Fair enough! However, if we look deeper, these works are also designed to target more complex questions such as, who we really are?, are we living in a virtual simulation? What constitutes 'our Real'?

* As part of the S.LOW Projekt Berlin (2010) we invited 34 people across disciplines to respond to the concepts of slow and low (in methodologies, education, technology, environment, vocabulary and grammar). Interestingly, many answers converged on questioning if at the current speed of global growth, progress could be really sustainable or not; we have an intrinsic desire to anticipate where is the human specie leading to and what's next new thing that we have not yet anticipated.

* "Virtuoso" project (2017): we are looking at what makes an excellent performer to become Virtuoso. We know it is just a thin line but it becomes hugely important on stage. I know that "Virtuoso" is not so much about understanding why hardworking players often reach a plateau and why they can't progress no matter how much they try. It is more about learning from a highly complex question (almost anthropologically), what makes some humans to be so special (at any level, in any field) and when and how that magic moment happens. The only thing we know is that it is not just hard work!


Ricardo Climent concert @ Cedrus Theatre Pachuca

I often find ways to build passion between my service in Higher Education in the UK (research/ teaching interactive music and game-audio) and my appetite for building teams and creating projects which I could share with others. I have formal education in Computer Music and Composition (MA and PhD at Queens University, Belfast, Northern Ireland) and Economic Sciences (5-year Bachelor degree at University of Valencia, Spain) but some of the best knowledge I earned, often came from collaborations with people and when required, "charging batteries" in solitude.

My long-term vision is to contribute to the celebration of creativity and cultural innovation via building great projects. I hope that as result, some people will feel inspired to realise the creative potential we all have, so that we can dream of a better now.


ricardo.climent [A-T] googlemail [D-O-T] com